If you wish to know more about the Slovak Republic, a picturesque country in the geographical "heart" of Europe, this is to invite you to study in Slovakia, in a country, which has historical tradition in education. The aim of this publication is to inform you about the Slovak Republic and the opportunities it provides in the field of education. It is meant to beour cordial invitation to you to study at our universities as well as to enjoy the cordiality of our people and the beauties of our land.

Higher Education System

In Slovakia, there are public, state, and private institutions of higher education. The public institutions of higher education are established pursuant to the Act on Higher Education. The bodies of their academic autonomy are the Academic Senate, Rector, Scientific Council and Disciplinary Commission. It is these bodies, who decide on their organization, activities and administration. The state institutions of higher education are established by the ministries of the Government of the Slovak Republic. Private higher education institutions are established by legal entities with registered office in Slovakia upon the state approval. All higher education institutions provide studies in accredited study programs. An institution, which does not provide higher education, can, however, also participate in higher education (Slovenská akadémia vied - Slovak Academy of Sciences).


As a continental country in central/eastern Europe, Slovakia is a land of friendly, moderate climate. There are four distinct season rotating each year, beginning with spring in March, which is, as of June 22, followed by summer. The beginning of Slovak autumn dates to September 23rd and the four seasons are closing to the end of a cycle on December 21, which is the opening day for a three month winter season.

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