"I was born in Al-Ain city in United Arab Emirates, but have Iranian nationality. I decided to study Informatics at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics at Technical University in Kosice. I started in 2015, now I begin 3rd semester. The level of education is high and teachers are really highly educated. I am really satisfied with my choice of University.It is definitely new experience for foreign students to live and study abroad. Kosice is quite and comfortable city for foreign students with friendly people. One can make a huge progress during his or her studies.I really like Kosice, because it has amazing nature around. You can enjoy during weekend with your friends during trips or sit for coffee in one of the cafeterias at Hlavna street "

[ Heidar Khorshidiyeh, Faculty of Electrical Engineering .]

"I completed my Bachelors in India in electronics and telecommunication. After my first degree I decided to come to Italy for my Masters in Communication engineering at University of Parma. During my second semester at University of Parma, I got to know that there is an opportunity to go as Erasmus student to another country in Europe. I chose Slovakia, because I got really good reference from Slovak student, who came as an Erasmus student to my University. He encourage me to go to Kosice as an Erasmus student.Education level is the same like in all European universities. Professors are friendly and they are always ready to help if you have some problems in your studies.I did not feel too much of difficulty in the university, because I was in good contact with my professors and they help me a lot to get insight and good grades.There were many Erasmus students in various faculties, FEEI included.Kosice is one of the largest city in Slovakia and there are a lot of place to visit in the city and there are places for leisure in Kosice. Slovak people are friendly in nature.".

[Nithin Manuel, Faculty of Electrical Engineering.]

"Currently I am studying in the Technical University of Kosice at the Faculty of economics. My specialization is "Public Administration and Regional Development" on Master program. I am already second-year student here, so this is my last year in the university.I have found out about possibility to study in Kosice mainly because of my interest to discover some great university abroad and to get education there as my 2nd diploma. After that I have got the possibility to become an exchange student by the program of my Kharkiv Economic University. There I have met different guys from Slovakia and they told me about different Slovak universities little bit more. One of the reasons for me to study in this Kosice University became the fact, that my brother decided also to chose it and told me on his own experience. He reported to me that it is really great university to study, after that i have analyzed their web-site and found there the speciality I was interesting in. There are a lot of great professors on my Faculty, of course i don't know all of them, just those who has taught me and I can say that they are really great. I like their respectful relationship to the students, they are very smart and tremendous knowledge and skills to share. The level of English is also very important for me, as I am a foreign student and studying on english program is very good. They are teaching us very interesting things, I should know as a professional in my future career. I can name the city as "Student city", as there are lots of students here who comes to various cities in Slovakia. It is sport city that suggest different possibilities for student's leisure and health"

[Lavryk Anastasia, Master in Public Administration and Regional Development]

"I chose International Management as my course because my ultimate goal is to become a management consultant. University of Economics in Bratislava was one of my top choices because of the prestige of the university, with comprehensive accreditation of Higher Education Institutions in the Slovak Republic. The customisable curriculum and wide range of courses have given me the opportunity to grow in a dynamic environment. A thorough knowledge of corporate management in the international marketplace, and of international business management."

[Nicholas Hughman,Masters in International Management]
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