How To Apply

The application process for studies at universities and polytechnics in Slovakia varies depending on whether you intend to enroll in a program as an undergraduate (first cycle) student or graduate (second and third cycle) student, and the responsible body of the institution.

How to apply for undergraduate (first cycle) degrees at public institutions in Slovakia:
In order for you to apply for first cycle programs at public institutions in Slovakia, you will have to follow 2 main steps as explained below:
  • You must first get your upper secondary school studies and your school leaving certificate officially recognized as you will have to present these documents during the application process.
  • Submit your application through the Slovakia online Centralized System .

How to apply for graduate (second and third cycle) degrees at public institutions and for any type of degree at private institutions in Slovakia:
  • You will have to submit your application to the school of your choice.
  • Along with your application, you will also have to attach evidence of your previous studies, as your university.
  • You may need to have your documents translated if requested by the institution you are applying for.

Application Requirements

Undergraduate studies (First Cycle)
  • Have completed upper Secondary Education
  • Have passed the university Entrance Examination in their home country
  • Meet the study program pre-requisites if required. A pre-requisite is a subject any applicant must meet before being allowed to register for a course.

Master's studies (Second Cycle)
  • If you are applying for a Master's program at university in Slovakia, you are required to be in possession of a relevant bachelor's or equivalent degree diploma.
Doctoral studies (Third Cycle)
  • In the event you are applying for doctoral studies at university in Slovakia, you are required to be in possession of a relevant diploma or Master's Degree Program.

The minimum grade requirements to access university studies in Slovakia

When applying for a study place at university in Slovakia, it is your grade point average from previous studies along with other requirements what actually determines whether you will be admitted. Therefore, always check with your host university about the minimum passing grade you need to meet.

Admission Of International Students

In order to gain admission to an undergraduate program in a university in Slovakia, international students are required to obtain official recognition of their previous studies and pass the official Slovakia University entrance exams, which are taken twice a year in many of the countries of origin of the students. Most Slovakia Universities require students intending to begin an undergraduate program to apply to their faculties directly. Each University sets its own application and admission schedule. It is important to apply well in advance.

Application deadlines in Slovakia

Although application deadlines may vary depending on the institution, there are usually 3 intakes for studies at Slovakia universities and colleges:

  • First week of June: for studies beginning in the fall semester (October).
  • First week of September: late applications for studies beginning in the fall semester (October).
  • First week of December: for studies beginning in the spring semester (February).

Student visas

Nationals of the Member States of the European Union (EU) and of the European Economic Area do not need a visa to reside and study in Wallonia-Brussels. On the other hand, if you are a national of a non-Member State of the European Union, you may need a visa to gain entrance to Slovakia territory. You must contact the Belgian embassy or consulate in your country of origin in order to find out whether a visa is necessary.

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