Health care system is one of the least developed areas of life in Slovakia. The healing by itself is on a high level, comparable with other EU countries, but the whole system is underfinanced. Health care services provided by public hospitals/ambulances do almost never include any additional care than is strictly needed. Private and non-public health care institutions tend to be more hospitable places. Everyone living & working in Slovakia is obliged to have health insurance. There are several private health insurance companies and one public. Initial examinations are carried out by general practitioners for all adults and children. Everyone is free to choose their own doctor, who will provide primary health care and who can also provide a referral for examination or treatment by a specialist.

Health and Medical Care

The healthcare system in Slovakia falls under the competence of the Ministry of Health. In Slovakia there are state and private health care providers. An initial medical examination is provided by state or private general practitioners. Everybody can choose a general practitioner who usually provides basic health care and can refer a patient to an appropriate specialist for further medical examination. There are two types of health insurance: public health insurance (statutory or voluntary) and individual health insurance. Public health insurance covers the following benefits in full or to a partial extent, depending on specific conditions: diagnostics, treatment and preventative care, outpatient and inpatient care including rehabilitation, compulsory vaccination, provision of drugs, medical aid and dietetic food, spa treatment can be provided upon the recommendation of a doctor, where such care is an inevitable component of the treatment procedure.

Health Insurance and Coverage

EU/EEA and Swiss nationals are entitled to health care under the erasmus_vyrad_8febr.indd 61 asmus vyrad 8febr indd 61 2/8/11 10:38:01 PM 2/8/11 10:38:01 PMsame conditions as the nationals of the Slovak Republic. Under the Slovak Constitution every individual - a citizen or a foreigner - staying in Slovakia has a right to be provided with the necessary health care. Everyone also has a right to choose their own health care provider.

European Health Insurance Card

For entitlement to medical treatment on the basis of health insurance in another Member State (EU, EEA, Switzerland), an EU/EEA national must present a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to the health care provider. (EHIC shall be issued at your request by a health insurance company to which you pay health insurance premiums.) In such a case, the treatment of an EU/EEA national will be covered by a Slovak health insurance company in the same amount as to a Slovak national, provided the relevant physician has concluded a contract with at least one health insurance company.

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