Make sure you have the following before leaving home

  • Before coming to Slovakia, make sure all documents you sent to the university you'll be studying in (application form, your school history and study plan) are in order.
  • Address of where you'll be staying. You can book a room in a students' dorm in advance, by contacting the university's international relations department.
  • European Health Insurance Card or private health insurance.
  • Vaccination record card, updated with a tetanus shot.
  • All foreign exchange students coming from non-EU countries should hold a study visa obtained at the Slovakia Embassy or Consulate in their home country, which is valid for one year. As far as students coming from EU member states are concerned, they are allowed in the country upon the presentation of a valid ID card or passport and their entry in Slovakia is not subject to any control.
  • Two passport-type photos.

Check list: what do to after getting here?

  • Contact the university's international relations department, which will introduce you to the university and the teachers.
  • Get in touch with other students by contacting the students' union, which often carries out several welcoming activities in September/October for new students to get to know the university and each other.
  • Take walks to get to know the city you'll be living in, after you've settled in.

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