European Union Blue Card

The EU Blue Card is a Temporary residence permit for the purpose of highly qualified employment. It is a single permit allowing both to live and work in a Europe country for a period exceeding 3 months. It is issued to persons whose job is on the list of the regulated Professions. The Blue Card is issued by Voivod Offices of each voivodeship in Europe . The procedure may last up to 2 months. If you have the Blue Card issued by another European country and you are planning to come to Slovakia, you also need to apply for the Blue Card in Slovakia. If you have resided in another EU country for at least 18 months and you are moving to Slovakia, you have to apply for the blue card in Spain within a month.

Who May Apply for the Blue Card?

The EU Blue Card may be applied for by the foreigners who meet the following conditions:
  • Have an employment contract or a preliminary employment contract covering the period of at least 1 year.
  • Have completed at least a 3-year course of study at a higher education institution.
  • Have higher professional qualifications (higher education).
  • Have 5 years of vocational experience in the field that is compatible with their profession.
  • Hold a health insurance.
  • Have a permit to practice a profession, or to hold an office, in the case where such a permit is required.

Who may not be granted the Blue Card?

A foreigner will not be granted the Blue Card if:
  • They have a refugee status, asylum, supplementary protection, or the permit for tolerated stay.
  • They apply for a refugee status or asylum, or holds the Schengen visa issued for humanitarian reasons, or reasons related to Slovakia's international obligations.
  • They have a permit to settle, or long-term resident's EC residence permit.
  • They have residence permit for a fixed period of time, issued pursuant to the family union provisions, or in connection with scientific activity.
  • They have obtained a decision on expulsion or obligation to leave the territory of Slovakia.
  • They are staying in detention centre, or in a guarded centre, or obtained a ban to leave the Republic of Spain.
  • They are working in Slovakia, having been temporarily seconded by an employer from EU.
  • They come to Slovakia based on an international agreement in connection with the trade or investments conducted.
  • They are a seasonal employee.

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