Most higher education institutions offer housing in dormitories. The standard of these may differ. Usually rooms housing 2 - 3 students are standard, but rooms for a single student are also available. The rooms are furnished with beds, tables, and wardrobes. Bathrooms are generally shared between two rooms, or between all the rooms on each floor. Each dormitory has its own dining hall or buffet, where meals are available for lower prices and generally provided throughout the academic year. Lunch or dinner generally costs around 1.60 €. Some halls have their own gymnasiums, swimming pools, fitness centres, etc. The price of accommodation in a dormitory varies from 67 € per month. Majority of rooms has an internet access. There are lots of launderettes in dormitories in Slovakia ( (only in Slovak), (only in Slovak), who wish to study in the Slovak Republic outside the framework of bilateral agreements or exchange programmes cannot be guaranteed a place in a dormitory of residence, due to the limited capacity of individual dorms. If the student is interested in living in a dormitory, he/she should contact the university at least 3 months before commencing his/her studies or before the start of the given academic year. Many universities provide information about their dormitories on their websites.

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